Post-It Project: YEAR ONE Complete!

After many mornings spent with a breakfast sandwich and a post-it pad, I'm happy to announce my year long project is finally finished, The Post-It Project: Year One!  Three Hundred and Sixty comic book (or comic related) characters drawn in bic pen, highlighter, copic, and watercolor pencil.  It's been fun completing these for my daughter each day, before she goes to school.  This project is dedicated to her...  My little warrior beauty, with a love for super-heroics.

This isn't the end however, Year Two begins Monday.  And I will no longer limit myself to the comic arena.  Prepare for anything and everything from pop-culture!  Dragonball, Star Wars, Horror, Sci-Fi, 80s and 90s animation, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, you name it... it's on the way soon.

Be sure to check out the new pieces in the art gallery.  Enjoy.